Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Albert Menes, Earl Grey Tea

Albert Menes, Earl Grey Tea

Product Name:  Albert Menes, Earl Grey Tea

Store Purchased:  Marshall's, various locations

Price:  12.99 CAD

Ingredients:  Tea of China and of Ceylon, bergamot

I love afternoon tea.  When I have a daughter, I promise to play tea with her and take her for a nice afternoon tea for our special mommy/daughter dates.  I think back fondly to my teas with my mum at Harrod's in London and The Penninsula in Hong Kong.

For all the other times that I cannot afford such luxuries, I turn to my well stocked tea cabinet.  Yes, I have a tea cabinet.  Well aged Pu-Erh, Formosa Oolong, Lipton's Yellow label, Red Rose, Bubble tea ingredients...it's all here, from generic to rare!

When I saw this nice looking Albert Menes tin at Marshall's, I naturally picked it up.  I was torn between Albert Menes and another one with large slices of citrus peel in it.  The peels seemed like novelty and filler, so I chose Albert Menes.  Earl grey has been my favorite "western" tea for as long as I can remember.

How does Albert Menes compare to Twinnings or Fortnum and Mason?  The dried leaves are exceptionally aromatic.  The liquid is  much richer.  The tea is darker and thicker.  The Bergamot flavour is not as intense as I would like it.  Once fully bloomed, I was disappointed that the leaves were only partial leaves.  I prefer whole leaf teas. There are a couple of sticks throughout the leaves, which one would not want in a higher quality tea.  I am okay with this tea, but I will not repurchase it for this price.  It is over $50/lb.

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