Thursday, September 15, 2011

Nong Shim Shrimp Flavoured Chips

Product Name: Nong Shim Shrimp Flavoured Chips, 270g

Store Purchased: TNT Supermarket

Price: $3.39 CDN

Ingredients: Tapioca flour, palm oil, shrimp, other stuff (sorry, threw out the bag before I could finish blogging it)

Used for: snack

Nong Shim is just another brand under the umbrella of Lotte. This snack also comes in 70 g bags. Nong shim also makes shrimp "fries" that taste similar but have a different shape. The actual chip is crispy and fresh, not a hint of old oil flavour. It is in neutral colour and to the un-initiated, has a similar texture to a "cheesy" or "onion ring" but shrimp flavoured and much lighter. This particular brand is not as flavourful as indonesian and thailand shrimp chips. As the name implies "shrimp flavoured", it is more flour than shrimp. I prefer a thailand brand that comes in a silver bag, that is made with 80% shrimp meat followed by flours and seasonings. I don't belive it HAS an english name, but I'll find out next time I go shopping.

In Indonesia and Holland they are called kroepoek, due the large dutch trading influence of the 1700s and 1800s along the asian pacific rim. Shrimp chips are eaten by a wide variety of eastern cultures with a coastline. Each have their own flavour preferences, from wasabi, black peper, chili, and plain. There are also crab, lobster, and squid flavours available. Shrimp chips are highly popular in Europe, to the point that even Marks and Spencer sells "shrimp cocktail chips" shaped like little flowers. I grew up eating these, until Marks and Spencer closed down about 7 years ago in Canada.

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If there is any way to get the M&S shrimp cocktail chips in Canada....I want to know!

Right now they are only available in select remaining M&S shops as it is...(in HK, I don't know about UK.)